Unlimited Address

by Catfish

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When You Dance Every night When the sun goes down Zip a jean And catch a bus to town Find a bar Find a band with a sandshoe sound (when you dance) Alcohol, sometimes, emotions get high When you dance Slippin’ off your shoes When you sing Slippin’ off your blues As you live It’s been the life you choose Nothing more Nothing else would be the same Strike a light Suck on a fag and lean On the silver cigarette machine Zip an eye And re-assess the scene Killer one Killer two moving into frame Every night After the sun goes down Zip a jean Catch a bus to town Find a bar That’s got that sandshoe sound Yeah Emotions get high.
Hiwire Girl 02:55
Hiwire Girl I see your face all over town I had a bad, bad day Coming home and coming down Lousy luck and trouble Seemed to follow me around Until you came and found me Our love will be no wailing wall I’ve come a long, long way And I’ll never let you fall Just like Pepe Ashton I don’t see no crash at all If you’ll be my Hiwire girl And as I watch this city turn I know These fifteen dollar empty rooms We’ll remember as the good times, girl Let’s take a walk Find some food See the world And leave the TV burning One day you’ll be my high-rise girl We’ll be living it up Somewhere high above the world High above the harbour You won’t have to work at all If you’ll be my hiwire girl.
In The Early Hours In the early hours In the early hours With you tonight I can be alright In the early hours I watch the moonlight howl I watch the moonlight howl There’s a sailing wind Everywhere I’ve been In the early hours Step by step I’ll not forget you Never let you go Step by step I’ll come to get you Hear me howl below In the early hours In the early hours With you tonight I can be alright In the early hours On your street In the hall All the echoes off the wall Catch my heels Where they fall I’ve been through this way before Long ago I came down this way before I’ve been days on a question I’ve been fighting out a one man war I’ve been days on the lesson Now I’m knocking on your door.
Subway 03:26
Subway That evil harbour horn Leaks out across the dawn Across the subway of the world This hasn’t been a night For sleeping on the stairs It’s been so cold So cold, as I Rat through this paperbag Break off a half a fag Light up the subway of the world What’s left when all your links with love Are rusted clean away Dry bones, rolled, rattled around Blown through this underground I walk this corridor I have the time to choose My ears are aimed toward the blues I watch the drunken, swaying boys In sailor’s uniforms Kiss, collide, play seeya later Drift and ride up escalators And in the early day I fold these feet away This back is cold against the tiles The news of yesterday Is wrapped around my shoes And I remember Yes I remember Those easy friends of mine Back down along the line They’ll never miss what they don’t know They’ll have a table In some café Pierot, where they Play cards with the slender Circus girls, I remember Another time, another world Another station in the rain Let it go Let it go One more hat round the passengers Another one act pas-de-deux We learn to raise a little smoke And disappear Leaving subtle lies to hang below the ear Like a pearl These masquerades could never burn Your powdered hands Now it ain’t so easy Here in the subway of the world.
One Night In Soviet Russia One night in Soviet Russia There was a medical institute dance On the restaurant floor of the guest house And I wandered in there by chance My friends were already seated And I was and hour or so late The dance band played Russian dance music As I ordered my meal and I ate They wheeled and sang all round us Student songs from the left and the right The music was sad like a circus You could hear the Siberian night I felt a hand on my shoulder Heard a word as I turned and I saw A lovely Siberian daughter And she led me out onto the floor We danced for a song I remember Or maybe we danced for a few Her name she said was Yelena And her eyes were Siberian blue And when the music was over I returned to my friends where they sang “The stars and the stripes are forever” ‘Til one of them held out his hand And arm in arm with a local And balancing high on a chair They delivered a toast with a bottle Of Bulgarian blood of the bear “Tonight we can share this fire Tomorrow we may be consumed” My eyes were walking a wire To Yelena with her friends across the room One night in Soviet Russia I waited for her by the door The Siberian stars were like lightning As we wandered down by the shore Yelena, Yelena Lake Baikal drains through these towns Cold as a mirror And deeper than any man drowns.
My Backyard 06:00
My Backyard (The moon over Manila) Standing on the balcony Slipping off her gloves Over my backyard We both make an effort To fake some insanity It’s not so hard Looking out through the greasy air Looking out at the continental fun-fair On the balcony slipping off her gloves Over my backyard I say “ I love you” I try a little hustle But her mind’s not there She says “Me you too” I don’t move a muscle And she don’t care one glove in her porcelain teeth One set of nails unsheathed One unemotional eye looking down Over my backyard Some people like to call her The original dancer They don’t know Like Elizabeth I She moves taceo et video She knows these arms Have got no reach These fish in the moonlight Dying on the beach Are hers alone She smiles On the finance district And on the red light Fast food, lipstick Corrugated iron And tarpaper tenements Mile on mile Outside No lights Ambulance howls All night Ferrying blood Through a city curfew To a cellblock Manned by a skeleton crew The vivisectionists The Judge Dredd fans And the non-commissioned officers Jack their hands at the Bonfires of rotting tyres And hammer out a midnight Maypole dance singing One god One ritual Packed and fed To the dumb individual Baited with the promise of bread Entertained Then blown apart One flash to melt the bells One flash and the only ones left alive Will be the gentlemen Sheltered in the cells Of my backyard They know ‘Cause down the walls Of my backyard Her shadow crawls One glove in her porcelain teeth One set of nails unsheathed These days That’s the situation I got a nurse And she’s got a patient Both of us intoxicated With the smell of insanity And as the buskers howl for rain Somebody plays “Lilli Marlene” And we sing along With the song Of the century.
Pre-war Blues From her front room I can hear The early trams Of a brand new year She’s wearing now The camisole her daughter Sent to her from Vienna She sings to me As I get fed A glass of tea And hard black bread I say “Late last Tuesday evening I wandered down to St Annes I watched the writers reading Wine in hand The pre-war blues” She turns on me The smokey smile That lays my heart out In the aisle She says “The girls in there Are easily persuaded into trouble Down by the cold Danube” High in the old Roman town The children of old American fortunes Drown their luck Choosing their favourite Broadway tunes And pre-war blues Down in her front room I count to ten And hear the troop trains Roll again As if they knew the European winter As we do I’ve got the pre-war blues.
Station 02:42
Station Get me to the station by a quarter to one All of my sweet luck is at the end of a run Oh yeah Get me the station by a quarter to two This town’s like a stripper with a broken shoe Either she’s getting fatter or the veils have shrunk And anyone staying is blind or drunk A quarter to three, a quarter to three You’ve got my blessing on your family tree And if they stop me at the border by a quarter to four You know a clean pair of shoes’ll get you through any door Get me to the station by a quarter to five A man with velocity’s a man alive Alimony, alimony’s what it’s about You get to get in free, you’ve got to pay to get out I’m gonna load my jacket on the luggage rack Dust my shoes, and kiss my back In seat two six on car number seven Gonna point my last cigar to heaven Seven o’clock, seven o’clock Things ‘round here are beginning to rock I’ve got my ticket and it’s time to fold These U.S. dollars into my bedroll Get me to the station by a quarter to eight Cut the conversation, I don’t wanna be late Got my destination, I’ve been happy to wait For too long Too long Too long.
Unlimited Address For all our blues, and all your vanity This caravan may be a little small Yeah, I love you too, but when you scream at me I don’t know why you come in here at all In my day I could soon outrun All these daily habits and these plans Now I’m wrapped in grey, my heels are worn My tyres are perished in the sand I’ve got wrecks and rusted engines in the driveway I’ve got two hard years in the dust You know I dream, dream, dream each day Of a new unlimited address There’s a few miles yet to come my way And I’d sell this town for the rest This set of keys, I could easily lose In a wide unlimited address Down by the docks the casino plays The Asians and everybody else They’re waking up to how their take-home pay Is gonna leave them hanging on the shelf You see them gamble off the hours to feel the danger To the things that hold them possessed You see them dream, dream with each new hand Of a new unlimited address But can you hear the interstaters howl The scream of the wind in the window screens The stormbirds calling down the rain I was born by the mangrove trees On a river that’s better left unnamed And in the heat, and late at night I’d see The fire burning off the cane And it may pay you well to recall That I found you when I betrayed it all To find my unlimited address Now an honest man would promise you the usual things Then he’d let you down, then confess But like the grave, like the barren womb And the ground where rain has been denied And like the fire all that cane consumed An evil man is never satisfied There’ve been a few long miles have come my way And I’d sell this town for the rest You know I dream, dream, dream each day Of a new unlimited address Yes, I like to dream, dream, dream each day Of my wide unlimited address.


Originally released on the East West label in Australia 17th October 1988. Don Walker enlisted the help of guitar player, engineer and producer Peter Walker to record the songs DW had been writing on travels in Asia, the USSR and Eastern Europe in the preceding few years. Harmonica player David Blight was also part of the sound. Other players included drummer Ricky Fataar, bassist Ian Belton, and a guest appearance from Steve Murphy, who had always been one of Don Walker’s and Ian Moss’s favourite guitarists, on Pre-War Blues. James Brown’s drummer and guitar player at the time, Tony Cook and Ron Laster, played on In The Early Hours. Late in the recording process Chris Lord Alge heard some of the roughs, and produced some extra recording and mixed some of the songs in New York.


released January 30, 2017

Album Credits

Recorded at Trafalgar Studios, Sydney, in 1987-88.

Produced and mixed by Peter Walker and Don Walker.

“When You Dance” and “In The Early Hours” co-produced and mixed by Chris Lord Alge.

“Subway” and “One Night in Soviet Russia” remixed by Phil Punch in 2008.

Mastered by Don Bartley.

Cover photography by Tim Baur.

Cover artwork by Debaser.

P&C 2010 Palomarr Pty. Ltd. ATF the Don Walker Trust.


all rights reserved



Don Walker Sydney, Australia

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